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Herb M

I was riding my bike in Frisco, CO last week and a young girl waved me down to stop at her lemonade stand. When I pulled over, there was another gentleman there who bought my lemonade for me. It was simple random act of kindness, and it made me stop and think "Dakota!" So, when the next person stopped I paid for their lemonade. Then that person ended up giving the girls even more money. But, the best part of it all is this... When one of the other bikers asked "What do you plan to do with the money?" the young lady responded: "We do this nearly everyday in the summer to collect money for the animal shelter, but this year we're giving the money to our friend who got sick this spring and had her hands and feet amputated." It nearly brought all the guys standing around to tears. What an amazing young lady, and inspiration for more random acts of kindness. Dakota, we're working to help your dream come true. Did you ever expect it would end up leading to another young lady in a tough situation getting some help? Dominos tip in amazing ways.