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Jodie M

Thank you for starting this living journal. Random acts of kindness are all around and I love hearing the positive in people! I had a woman change my world back in February 2013 when she dropped $40 under a bathroom stall while I was training my 2 yr old. It was a bit hectic and she just wanted to brighten my day. Victoria passed domino 3410 to me months ago and I haven't found the AMAZING opportunity to pass this domino. However, since receiving the domino I've made it my mission to stop and offer assistance to anyone with car problems. Previously I would assume they have a cell and can handle things on their own. In the past 3 months my husband and I have helped 3 strangers. Two had dead batteries and needed a jump start, but one person needed a tow, we stayed with them until the truck arrived to offer support. It's been such a nice experience to have people feel cared about. One woman hugged me and said "today is my husband birthday, this is no way to start the day", so my two boys and I sang Happy Birthday to him, it really made him smile! Excited to pass this domino and I will find that person soon, until then I look forward to reading the topple.