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Brooke A

My sister and I were on our way to see a new movie at the theater. As I was driving out of my parents neighborhood, my car broke down at a stop sign. My sister helped me push it around the corner in front of someone's home. Now I'm no mechanic, but no a little bit about cars. My battery was dead and my car would not start. A nice man, just a couple houses down from where my car was stalled, offered some help. I asked if he had any jumper cables and if so, if we would please give me a jump. It then began to rain and pour on the both of us. He gave my car a jump, twice! I felt horrible...I offered him money for his time and generosity. Instead, he asked me to wait just a moment...when he came back he brought me the domino and explained to me that this is for Dakota and he just helped me out with a random act of kindness and now it's my turn to do the same for someone else! Thank you both!!!!! I truly appreciate it! Dakota you are in my thoughts and prayers!!!