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Ty K

My girlfriend and I were one of only two tables at a recent visit to an Ethiopian restaurant. The other table was a homeless man who was obviously having a rough time. The owners apparently knew him, and I was told he often used what little money he had to spend time in their restaurant and buy a bit of food. He mentioned he had a friend in the hospital dying of liver disease and he was hoping to see him, but was unsure how he was going to get enough for bus fare to take him across the city. He was too proud to ask for it. As we were leaving, I left money with his waitress to buy him a beer and enough money to get him to the shelter that night, and ,hopefully, bus fare to visit his friend. I can't know if that's how it got used, but I hope it helped him in some way.
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Herb M

Ty, this was a great thing to do. I wonder if you still look back on it, and if inspired you to do something like this again?