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Nithin J

Performed a Random Act of Kindness the other day. I caught up with a great friend early in the morning at 7 AM and noticed a man who was raising money for the homeless shelter outside the coffee shop. I spoke to him that morning and he asked me to donate some cash - not having any I offered to buy him breakfast. He said it was allright and that he appreciated the thought but he already had his cake to last him for the morning. There was no ATM nearby so I decided after to buy 4 muffins and give it to him to last him for the rest of the day if he chose or for him to give away to folks he wanted to. Starting off the morning in this way just felt right - not just in my mind but in my heart. It made me smile and often times I ignore different people unconsciously but this time it spurred a great conversation and boosted my energy for the entire day. How you do the little things is how you do the big things. #reachout #giveback #actsofkindness