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Scott V

I met Herb the year we started the Telluride Tech Festival. It was 2000 and the festival's inspiration was Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse and Telluride's own, L.L. Nunn who built the world's first AC Power Plant in Telluride in 1891. This little known "domino affect" not only saved Telluride from insolvency, but changed the world and made the United States the great country it became. If it had not happened in Telluride would it have happened anyway somewhere else. If Nunn had not had the mission of "saving Telluride" would he have gotten on a train and gone to Pittsburgh uninvited to meet Tesla and Westinghouse. If the world's first power plant had not been successful in Telluride would the first large hydro power plant at Niagara have been built? Would America have won the WWI? Would Herb and I have met and ultimately exchanged Domino #2772? What is most interesting is what happens next? HERE WE GO.