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Terry G

This weekend there was a big thunderstorm and it was starting to rain in a way that you know it is just going to pour for the next hour or so. I was driving down the street with my wife when she said "pull over!" As soon as I came to a stop, she jumped out of the car, with an umbrella she had with her, and she rushed over to a women walking down the sidewalk. The woman was trying to use a newspaper to stay dry and it wasn't going to work much longer! My wife gave her the umbrella and told her to keep it when she asked how she could return it. Years ago, on our honeymoon, a stranger had done the same thing for us when we were caught out in a storm and he told us to pass it on. We finally got the chance. The woman walked off with a big smile on her face, and a crazy story to tell, and we felt good all day for having passed it on.