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Herb M

This impact post doesn't exactly count as a random act of kindness in support of Dakota, but it's a near miss and interesting because of that. Today while driving to work I watched a guy lose a large pile of wood out the back of his truck right at a busy intersection. As I watched cars drive around him I thought "I should help. Nah, someone else will. I'm late to work. Actually I should help. Nah he will be fine." So I turn towards work. Then it hit me! Not only was it clear in my gut that it was the wrong decision, I also had an opportunity to do a random act of kindness to support Dakota. So I drove around the block to go help. When I got there I was so pleased to see several others had stopped to help. While I didn't actually do anything, simply being in the right mindset made my day brighter. And, I got to see others helping a stranger and that feels great with so much other "bad news" going on in the world.
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Storey B

Thanks for being the person who decided to help out!