You can make an impact!

How Topplers Works

Topplers is based on a simple yet powerful notion that BIG changes start from an idea or a desire to make a difference.

We know it’s sometimes hard to see how to bring a Big idea to life and get others involved in making your idea a reality.

So we created a community of people like you that want to work together on turning ideas into action. Join Topplers.

When you join Topplers, you become part a larger community of people. So your personal actions combine with the actions of other to make a BIG impact in the world.

Changes in all shapes and sizes occur and build up to BIG changes taking place thanks to the work of individuals in the Community.

Ready to get started?

How to Join the Community & Get Started
Get invited to join Topplers or request an invitation
Accept your invitation when you receive your Email to join
Login to your Community Dashboard and explore how you can get involved and start having an impact

When It All Falls into Place Change Happens!

Change starts with an idea. We call that a Branch.

Topplers gathers the BIG ideas from people who are passionate about making a change and features it as a Branch for our community member to help with.

The Topple starts when one person takes the lead to set change in motion by taking a simple action. We call that person the Branch Owner.

Impact is when Branch Owners invites people that want to make a difference to join the Topplers community. Eventually the Community begins to grow when Topplers invite their friends, family and co-workers to join their community.

Community Members can add to the impact when they explore the Branches to see where they want to get involved, choose from suggested actions they you can take.

See the impact as you and others in the Topplers Community share their Impact Story on our website. Sharing each other’s stories is a powerful thing. That’s when you realize the difference that individuals just like you have come together to “Move Mountains!”

And just for fun, along the way, every time you take an action, make an impact, or help grow the community, you earn points. Increase your points and watch your status grow!