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We are committed to providing the Topplers Community with a fun, engaging, and convenient way to join a branch, share an Impact Story, invite others to join our community, and see how other Topplers community members are doing. If you are experiencing any issues with our website, please contact us.
Topplers is an invitation-based community. Sign up here to join the waitlist to receive an invitation. Community members regularly donate invitations so new members can help increase our impact on the world.
Submit your idea to Topplers. We are regularly looking for new ideas to feature as Branches for our community members to help make an impact on.
Submissions are reviewed by a committee on a regular basis, and are evaluated on such criteria as the feasibility of community participation and having a compelling story. Submissions requesting donations on behalf of another organization will not be considered. Topplers will contact you if we have additional questions or for more information about your idea. Submissions not meeting the criteria for a Branch will be returned with an explanation, and the submitter encouraged to revise and resubmit their idea.
Topplers is a nonprofit organization supported by our Community and sponsors. When Community members like you invite others to join, you help to grow the impact our community can make, as well as support our ability to support the community and our featured Branches.