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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to the most common questions that others like you have had. If you don’t see the topic or specific answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us by email.

So one of our community members sent you an invitation to join Topplers. The next step is to get started by clicking the link in your email to create your unique login.

Want to learn more about Topplers before signing up for your free community membership? Great, you can learn more about us below or click here for even more information.

You can also explore most of our site, but you’ll need to create an account before you can start taking action and earning impact points and sharing your stories.

Once you’ve created your personal Topplers login, it’s time for you to take action. After you login, visit your Dashboard or Explore Branches to see where help is needed on the Big Ideas we’re featuring.

Learn about our Branches and the person who started the Branch. And see all the other people who are part of the community. Get inspired by their impact stories. Get motivated to help make the Big Idea a reality!

Take Action on an area of need. Then create an Impact Story to share with the community Branch. Adding your Impact Story shows the Branch Builder that progress is being made, inspires others to take action, and earns you Impact Points!

Want to do even more to help? While you’re logged in, invite your family, friends, and coworkers to join Topplers.

Domino Theory is the driving idea behind Topplers. Set up a line of dominos and all it takes to set them in motion is one small flick to start a chain reaction. One-by-one the dominoes topple forward in the branch. We think the same idea can help set Big Ideas in motion to create positive change in the world.

When each of us in the Topplers Community takes an action, contributing our time and energy where help is needed, we all bring about change faster. And our individual actions add up to make a bigger impact.

The Topple: the collective actions of our community that add up to big change in the world.

Branches: Each Branch starts with a Branch Builder, a passionate individual with a Big Idea to change the world. The Branch is featured by Topplers so that our community members can learn about it, find easy, actionable items to help the Branch progress, and share Impact Stories with others in the community.

Impact Points: As you take action and share your Impact Stories with the community, you earn points. And we make it easy to see the difference you are making. We even have multiple ways to earn Impact Points. You get points for sharing an Impact Story on a branch, buying invite credits to invite your friends, and for donating credits to help people on the wait list join our Topplers community.

Invite Credits: Invite credits allow community members to invite others to join Topplers. Whether you send your invites to friends and family or you choose to donate them to people on our wait list, you earn more impact points. You also can purchase more invite credits to make an even bigger impact.

Yes! Topplers is a non-profit organization with 501(c) 3 status. We are supported by private donations and sponsorships. We are governed by a volunteer board of directors and are not affiliated with any religious, cultural, political, or government organizations.

We’d love to hear your Big Idea! We are always looking for new Branches to feature, so tell us more about your idea.

To have your idea considered as a new Topplers Branch, please complete all the questions in the form found here. Provide specific, actionable items that our community members can take to help your Big Idea become a reality. After you submit your idea, our Topplers Board will review your idea. And if selected for a new featured Branch, we’ll contact you and make you the Branch Builder!