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Supporting Young People with Cancer

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Inspired by a pediatric cancer nurse who saw the desire to give back in her patients undergoing treatment, Topplers’ Making a Difference program provides the tools and the support to help these extraordinary young people to take their big ideas, launch them, and help them grow. While undergoing treatment, these young people and their families receive a tremendous amount of support, and many of the patients are eager to return that kindness to the world. Helping others while confined to a hospital is difficult, but the modern technology that helps us stay connected offers up great possibilities.

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  • If you are a adolescent with cancer and want to share your BIG idea with the Topplers community, email us at or submit your idea at
  • If you are a community member looking to help these BIG ideas become a reality, check out any branch, take action, and share your story.
  • If you are interested in supporting Topplers, our branches, and community members' work, contact Storey Blackwell, Executive Director:
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