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Higher Achievement

Helping Students Earn An Advanced Degree

Higher achievement

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For many, earning a college education seems out of reach. Impact high school students by helping them achieve their dreams of getting into college. You can also help college students overcome obstacles on their path to earning their degree.

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Branch Needs

You can help this branch grow in size by helping in any one of the following ways. Once you do, share your story.

  • Become a mentor at your local high school for students working toward college admission.
  • Are you a student? Volunteer to help with new student orientation and share your experience with incoming freshman.
  • Share your story here to the community to see. How are you helping a student or students reach their college goals?
  • Host college students for dinner - you can help provide them support when they are living away from home.
  • Spread the word. Invite others to join you.
  • Volunteer at your local high school: help students review their college applications, help with mock interviews, at your workplace on career day.

Branch Needs evolve over time, so check back.

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    Katie H

    I had a couple senior high school women come by my office in downtown San Francisco for lunch. the other week They wanted to hear about what it was like to study Electrical Engineering and boy, did I want to tell them!! It was great to see their eyes... (read more)
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    Raquel L

    Sitting in a room filled with anxious, stressed out and motivated seniors, I was introduced to topplers and their movement for the first time. But really, I suppose I should share what got me to this point, sitting with my peers at the brink of a new... (read more)
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    Alicia R

    I obtained this domino from school after a presentation from those that were a part of Topplers. I got one to try and receive a scholarship for books for college through them. I loved thinking of a story that I could share with others and help me... (read more)
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    Zoe P

    I'm a MESA Senior that has a hard time keeping up with things, I got my domino so that i could apply for money that would be easier to obtain than most scholarships. The reason I'm so eager to get money for college is because my mom always taught me... (read more)
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    Vio V

    My school partnered with Topplers and everyone in my senior class got a domino. I liked the idea of what Topplers was trying to do so I decided to register mine.
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    Brittany K

    I obtained my domino by going to a scholarship meeting for seniors at my school. I really want to go to college because that means I can become independent, go straight into cooking, and do what I love. When I heard about Topplers, I felt like I had a... (read more)
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    Jaz E

    I received my domino during class. I was at a scholorship presentation and this guy was handing out domino numbers,I was lucky enough to get one. I felt inspired today as his speech went on. I was thrilled with what he said, I decided to go online and... (read more)
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    Erik C

    I received this domino at my school. I think that it is a good idea to claim a domino, and it is a really good idea to get money in scholarships for the college of your choice.
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    Chimmoua L

    I received the domino at school when all the seniors were meeting and discussing about scholarship. There was a presenter speaking on behalf of this cause, and talked briefly about using the domino effect to build awareness in our school and community... (read more)
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    Brittany M

    I was a MESA senior looking through scholarships, then Chris asked if I'd like a domino. I held on to this little guy for awhile before I decided to come on here.
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    Sonia L

    I am a MESA senior doing my own thing when Chris said, " Pick a Domino and get a Topplers scholarship." After he said this I said, "Awesome! Dominoes," and picked out my very own domino for his little black box.
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    Freddie L

    Thank you for the domino
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    Corey C

    A topplers rep was handing the dominos out
  • Chriswestfall

    Chris W

    Herb and I met a few years ago and I learned of his idea for Topplers at the time. We were able to reconnect about 18 months ago and WOW had Topplers come a long way. I received this domino when I joined the board and it's set big things in motion for... (read more)