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Topplers started out with a simple, but powerful concept. When you have a BIG IDEA and get the the right support to bring that idea to life – and others join in to help you – you can make a big impact on the world. Like setting up a line of Dominos and setting one in motion, they impact each other and create an amazing experience. When an individual takes a positive action and inspires others to join them and take their own actions, the community helps set in motion a chain reaction that is bigger than any one person could accomplish alone. Our BIG IDEA: Get 1 million people to join Topplers and take action that impacts our Community.

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    Katie H

    It's a small action... but I think they add up :) I just tweeted about the upcoming Domino Award. Lucky batch of college students gets a free trip to think big at SXSW next spring. Feel free to borrow the text or retweet:... (read more)
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    Katie H

    I recently joined the Topplers Board and could not be more excited to work with such a passionate and smart group of folks. Setting Big Things In Motion is a big mission, and there is no better place to start than adding a Domino to Herb's topple and starting my own topple. :)
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    Bryan B

    Received with the 2012 annual report. I've watched Herb grow Topplers since it was just an idea that we'd talk about over a glass of wine. I'm really happy to continue to be a part of it an watch it take off!
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    Mike M

    I met Herb M. and Storey L. for lunch to talk about how I might get involved with Topplers. I arrived intrigued by the potential of a great viral idea and left inspired to try and do more good. I also left with a Domino, and intent to pass it on. Herb... (read more)
  • Neil

    Neil H

    Herb gave me this domino on the day I first spoke to him about joining the Board of Topplers. I remember the passion I felt talking about how we could take the first steps towards helping kids take the path of their genius - meaning, I have this crazy... (read more)
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    ndrea L

    I read about Topplers and Herb's story on the University of Colorado website. I wanted to learn more so why not jump in and claim a domino? I believe in the possibility of changing the world and hope this is one way we can show how. Thanks Herb for... (read more)
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    Lavey D

    I received a domino from my friend and colleague Stephanie L just a few days ago. We have been talking about this project together for a long time. I'm delighted to have a domino and I'm waiting for inspiration to do some good in the world with it.
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    Stephanie L

    I received 3 dominoes from Herb when I joined the Topplers Board in January 2012 and this is one of those dominoes. I am giving them to 3 special people in my life who I know will set big things in motion and I am excited to see where these 3 dominoes go!
  • Chriswestfall

    Chris W

    Herb and I met a few years ago and I learned of his idea for Topplers at the time. We were able to reconnect about 18 months ago and WOW had Topplers come a long way. I received this domino when I joined the board and it's set big things in motion for... (read more)