You can make an impact!

About Us

We all want to make a difference in the world. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. That’s where Topplers comes in. Our community provides people like you with easy and meaningful ways to address important issues.

The idea behind Topplers is to think of your actions like a domino toppling over and impacting the next domino in a line (or branch). When we all take action, we set off a chain of impacts that wouldn’t be possible without the impact being set in motion by individuals like you. So when you participate in our community, you keep the momentum moving forward on important issues.

Topplers is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enable YOU to impact the world in positive ways by helping you set big things in motion with charitable programs that inspire, educate and motivate people. And it’s free to join!

Our invitation-only community features stories of passionate people taking action on the causes that inspire them. What makes us different is you can join them in their quests to make big changes happen.

When You Join

You’ll get access to a list of simple actions you can take to help. You’ll also be able to track the impact of your actions – and the actions of everyone in your branch. You can invite your friends, family and others to join you, helping to grow the impact you can all make together.

You also are encouraged to share how you’re helping make a difference to inspire others and keep the positive energy moving. And we offer all of this in an online setting that’s fun, friendly, and inspiring!

Why we are different

We Are

We are a member-based community that brings together individuals to use their collective impact on featured issues. The best part is you can join someone else’s branch and help increase the branch’s overall impact!

We Provide

Topplers provides you with a new, unique way to get involved with charitable programs and volunteer your time and talents – tailored to fit with your busy, modern lifestyle.

We Give

We give everyday people easy and meaningful ways to address important issues. And we give you new ways to add impact to the work of others to make a bigger impact.